Purezza Brighton Review

When I saw this article describing the new stuffed crust at Purezza I knew I couldn’t wait long to try it out for myself so J and I headed along yesterday after work for our first restaurant visit. (My first Purezza experience was a takeaway when Lauren came to stay in November last year).
Vegan Garlic Bread at Purezza Brighton
I insisted on garlic bread as it was so crunchy and delicious last time and this time didn’t disappoint either! This version was more doughy and garlic-y but maintained that satisfying crunch on the base. I think rosemary goes so well on garlic bread and it’s a herb I’d like to start using in more of my cooking.

J opted for the pepperoni pizza with a stuffed crust which sent me into a dither as that’s what I wanted but didn’t want to order the same thing!
Vegan Pepperoni Pizza at Purezza Brighton

After a little umming and ahhing I went for the quattro stagioni with stuffed crust so that I could try out some of that seitan pepperoni and still get my fave pizza topping, artichokes in the mix.
Vegan Quattro Stagioni Pizza at Purezza Brighton

Here’s a cheeky close up of that stuffed crust:
Vegan Stuffed Crust at Purezza Brighton
Some of the cheese had escaped out of the crust onto the main body of the pizza but this actually served to make the whole pizza experience more cheesy so that was A-OK with me. This did lead to our pizzas being more in the cheese camp than the tomato camp but I imagine skipping the stuffed crust would rectify this if you’re a tomato fiend.
Vegan Italian Beers at Purezza
As for the toppings, we both enjoyed the pepperoni although it didn’t have the kick I would usually associate with pepperoni, more of a mild flavour. The rest of my toppings worked well together and man was I full after I’d finished! Did I mention the waitress thought we’d finished ordering after garlic bread and one pizza?! Possibly people with normal appetites would be fine with just one pizza to share which would make a meal at Purezza quite a bargain. With pizzas averaging £9, garlic bread for £3.90 and two italian beers for £5 you’re certainly getting value for money.

Purezza is in the Kemptown area of Brighton, about 20 minutes walk from the main station and are open every day. You can check out the menu on their site here.

What I’m loving this week:
My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast – had to stop listening on my commute
’cause I was laughin’ too hard!
&Almonds – really satisfying my snacking urges at work.

In Praise of… Pukka Herbal Teas

Tea, fruit, cookie and reading
Blimey, you take a few deep breaths on January 1st and it’s suddenly the 17th! Hope you’re enjoying the refreshment that a new year brings and feeling some renewed motivation to realise your goals. Personally, I’ve just started my second go at Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days of yoga. I completed the course in May last year and I really felt the benefits of taking some peace time out each morning. It isn’t coming quite as naturally this time round, getting out of bed early on these cold mornings is taking a lot more willpower!

Today I want to share a new love I developed towards the end of last year whilst I was trying to drink more water, Pukka Herbal Teas. Ok I don’t know whether you can call them teas if there’s no actual tea in them but it sounds a bit pretentious to use the term ‘infusion’ so I’m sticking with tea, kay?

I’ve never really liked herbal teas before. You could maybe persuade me to have a peppermint tea if I’m at a café that doesn’t serve soy milk, but past that I was all about the comforting taste of a mug of English breakfast. I’d also been disappointed by so many herbal teas in the past that smelt so delicious and tasted like dishwater.

These pukka teas are different, I haven’t tried the whole range but of those I have tried, I’m a convert.Pukka Teas
My favourite by far is the peppermint & licorice – the licorice adds a sweetness without needing sugar and I could drink pints of it!

If you’re trying to cut down on caffeine or drink more water then I’d really recommend giving these a try – the range is huge so there’s bound to be a tea for you! – Full disclosure I’m not totally enamoured with the ‘after dinner’ tea, but J likes it so I’m still happy to advocate the range in general. Also a quick Google tells me that packs of 20 bags are currently on offer at £1.50 at Sainsbury’s online!

This week I’m loving:
My new chromebook – no more crashing halfway through my favourite shows!
&Cracking on with my training for HTML, CSS and Javascript – nothing quite like learning a new skill.


5 tips for Veganuary

So you’ve heard me rambling on about veganism and thought you might give it a try, great! Although my first month of veganism is pretty foggy in my memory now, I thought I’d throw down some tips which might make things a little easier

  1. Make sure you know why you are taking part in the challenge. There are loads of reasons to try out a plant based diet but everyone you speak to will want to know your reasons so it’s best to be prepared for being questioned. The metro recently published a nice run down of some of the top reasons.
  2. Research some vegan recipes that really get your mouth watering. My favourite sites to browse are Chef Chloe, Chocolate Covered Katie and the vegan section of Jamie Oliver’s site.
  3. Find some vegan snacks that you love and stash some in your bag for emergencies – ain’t nobody like to feel hangry! These might be crisps, nuts, popcorn or even fruit (if you’re that way inclined). These are my recipes for Roasted Chickpeas and Nutty chocolate snacks which are a constant sight on my desk at work.
  4. Stock up on a few quick and easy foods, I strongly recommend Linda McCartney Sausages, in particular the rosemary and red onion ones, there are also some country pies in her range and most supermarkets do good veggie/bean burgers. You could also make a huge batch of bean chili which can be frozen and then quickly heated up at the end of a long day.
  5. Lastly, cut yourself some slack. There will be mistakes – when I first went vegan I had no idea that pesto had cheese in it! If you slip up, learn from it and jump straight back in. There’s no one policing you, you are doing this for yourself.

Things I’m loving this week:
Getting back to my cosy flat after two weeks away
& making exciting plans for 2016!

Vegan Christmas Lunch Inspiration

This year I’m so happy that my parents have said they want to eat a full vegan Christmas dinner for the first time! Usually my mum will make the veg trimmings using oil instead of butter and I’ll make my own mini turkey substitute which might be great if I’ve prepared in advance but last year I think i just had a veggie burger. *slaps wrist* So this year I do really want to impress them if I can. I’m thinking of making a version of a mushroom wellington but I’ve found a host of other other options across the internet to get some inspiration flowing! Spoiler alert: There won’t be any nut roast recipes here. Although they can be a good option for some I am yet to try one I really like and It frustrates me that they are often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of vegan food!

We don’t ever have starters for our family meals but this looks like a great easy soup recipe which could be prepped in advance.
Roasted carrot, chickpea and garlic soup

Then for main course I’ve found a nice variety of veg centric dishes:

Firstly, for the crazy mushroom haters:

Stuffed butternut squash with walnuts, cannellini beans and thyme
Roasted squash, cranberry, walnut and mango puff pastry parcels 
Lentil shepherd’s pie (using vegan spread such as vitalite in place of butter)

Then for us sensible folk 😉
Creamy Mushroom Puff

And as for what I’ll be making for the big day, behold the Double stuffed Christmas log! If all goes to plan check out my instagram feed tomorrow!

Never being a big fan of Christmas pud, I’m hoping to throw together Jamie’s recipe for chocolate brownies for dessert.


Check out the vegan Christmas section of the Jamie Oliver site for more holiday food inspiration. Think I might need to tone down this fan girling in the new year…

This week I’m loving:
Re-reading Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone
& Pub Quizzing with old friends <3

My favourite Podcasts

I’m veering away from the norm this week by writing about something non-food related. Hopefully It won’t be too alienating and you’ll come back next week for more food-talk.

I love podcasts. They can make the most dreary of tasks enjoyable, the longest of commutes seem shorter and the glummest of days just a little lighter. I always used to default to listening to music but choosing what to listen to every 3 and a half minutes had become somewhat of a chore and I ended up listening to the same (admittedly, great) playlists again and again. Starting listening to podcasts has shaken things up and I love it.  These are the podcasts I listen to on a daily basis and they never fail to put a smile on my face.

The ‘learn something new every day’ oneStuff You Should Know
This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Chuck and Josh talk about the craziest range of topics, from how the placebo effect works, to vestigial organs to police dogs. Each episode leaves me with a few extra pearls of wisdom and usually a giggle for good measure. There’s more than 500 episodes to date and with two new episodes a week, you won’t be running out any time soon!

The ‘living a life of intention’ oneThe Lively ShowThe Lively Show
Jess Lively’s podcast is a great source of motivation and inspiration. Each week Jess interviews a successful person (usually a woman), talking about what success means to them and how they got there. It’s so inspiring to hear the many, many different routes people take to get to their own version of happiness. It can be easy to get caught up doing what you think will make you happy and I think it’s important to take the time to realise what it really is that drives you rather than living someone else’s version of ‘a happy life’.

The ‘real talk’ oneWomen of The Hour

Where to even start with this one… Lena Dunham is the most endearing host, slicing her way from talking about anxiety to the love you feel for your best friend to transgender rights whilst somehow keeping a lightness that can only come from somebody so wonderfully self-deprecating. She exudes a closeness that leaves me feeling like I’ve just been hanging out with my besties for an hour. It’s probably time I take my fandom to the next level and give ‘Girls’ a go I reckon.

I couldn’t close this post without mentioning that SERIAL IS BACK! The original, ‘got me into podcasts’ podcast! Series 2 revolves around a prisoner of war and I can’t wait to get stuck in this week. Any other recommendations I should get listening to?

What I’m loving this week:
The Bridge Season 3 OMG &
Bossypants by Tina Fey – no shame in laughing out loud
whilst reading in a coffee shop right?